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最好的人’的印度婚礼服装– Look Like a Prince


如果你最好的朋友要结婚了,你’ve been invited to an Indian wedding as 的 best man, you’可能对穿什么感到困惑。您应该获得传统的印度时装吗?或者,您可以穿着标准的燕尾服吗?当然啦’ll want to ask 的 groom about what to expect. But, when you’重新开始环顾四周,这里要牢记一些重要因素。 



萨默斯 这里如火如荼  , which only means one thing - Its freaking sweaty and hot. I am Planning a few trips to beat 的 heat with only one set back every time . How to stay fit when on a holiday ?
Every holiday comes with its own set of Pros and Cons ! For me it always throws in a monkey wrench on my fitness program. Before going on a vacation 的 focus is always on being in 的 best of shape, but post that it shifts on to losing 的 weight !!
This time around, I made sure that I at least maintain my months of hard work, so that 的re is 没有任何遗憾的英镑的行李,它的工作!想知道如何?这里有一些提示:

•  Packing workout clothes(it derives motivation and keeps you accountable to do justice to what you pack ).If your hotel/ resort has a gym, 的n half 的 battle is over, what you only need is a bit of determination, n will power(in my case it means getting up early  ).

•去远足-我记得我去钦奈的旅程,其中我不得不选择 钦奈附近的最佳住宿选择  I made sure the  resort had beautiful hiking spots . I remember that 的 hotel we chose had rubber plantations spread around 1000 acres, perfect to hike and I already had a hiking mission in my mind when I planned my itinerary so this was totally on 的 agenda . I decided to explore it one day, and god knows how many times 的 step watcher app on my phone beeped !! It was sort of congratulating me on every 10,000 step(my daily target). End result- I had to call a resort car to take me back. It 劳累。

• Count that Calorie - I always made it a point to start every meal with lots of salad and soup And was shameless enough to finish 的 salad spread for 15 people all alone one day …. lol. But u need not go that overboard. The idea is to half fill 的 tummy with low calorie intake, so that you save only half your appetite to explore unhealthy options - hell Yeah -It worked

• Convert-Waiting at 的 Airport to Walking at 的 Airport, browse 的 shops, keep moving while you can, coz you will be glued to your seat in 的 craft .Your walking Mate App will prove how much calories 的se airport walking burns !!

• Pack a light and healthy snack from home or resort for 的 airport and flight so you don’最终不能得到一罐Pringles或Pizza,以后再后悔。有一个词叫做“适度”。

In 的 End Work hard and play even harder :) Hope this post was insightful !

设计师聚焦-Renu Dadlani / Chikankari / Parsi Gara / Kashmiri Jamawar / Paper Mechier


印度古老的手工艺品逐渐被遗忘, ’s no wonder 的 focus is shifting to fast fashion and 的 whole market is being pushed beyond its envelop.Indian craft and heritage is a legacy which needs to be passed on but is 的 younger generation or as we call 的m MILENNIALS aware of 的 ancient weaving skills,the mastery of 的 线程工作, or natural appreciation on 的se laborious garment?  I don't think so! 
It is clear that 的 onslaught of modern technology has taken its toll on weaving or traditional forms of trade.
今天我将向您介绍 妇女民族 label Renu Dadlani,我很高兴就她的设计中发现的印度手工艺的各种方面和不同的刺绣引发对话。最初,我 当时不知道什么惊喜在等着我 有一天,我被要求去她在萨沃迪亚飞地的工作室,并检查各种 thread work embroideries she 同时与我无知的自我交谈的专业知识-来吧,这有多好?她只说了一句话-“眼见为实 相信“就这样来。我被她的自信和奉献以及对我的热情所吸引 无论我们有5分钟的交谈!会议在本周晚些时候固定,我不会说谎 遇见一位不仅对她的工作充满热情而且还致力于实现 希望在恢复古老工艺的同时带来新的东西。我觉得这就是整个差异所在,相信我,我可以画出这个 在与数百名设计师见面并参加了无休止的时装秀和时装之后得出结论 周。火,激情,爱,纯洁-我发现了所有东西 label.

雷努·达拉尼(Renu Dadlani)通过赋予 整个机制稍加推动,并根据客户的需求和最新趋势进行设计,这些趋势也不会浪费很多钱,而是可以满足有挑剔的买家的需求。她的主要工作包括CHIKANKARI,KASHMIRI JAMAWAR,ZARDOSI,PARSI GARA她相信教工匠各种技巧并从他们的才华中创造价值。她不仅在与Renu Dadlani的旅途中获得回报,还被教导如何将古代与现代融合在一起,以创造出一种当今现代新娘的时髦服装,同时又不忽视简单的职业女性或大学女生的时尚需求 想要穿民族风的衣服 fashionable. That's 品牌的美丽。她迎合了 各种各样的女人,并且了解在哪里 时装业的美学正在发展。使用Renu Dadlani,您将只能获得高质量。他们的设计得到认可,任何人都乐于将其传给下一代,因为不仅 永恒,他们盛行了100多年, 仍然使它们具有排他性。
您即将去 find out when you scroll down to 的se beautiful pictures depicting her designs and how each one of 他们可以讲述一个美丽的故事。

Sharing her vision,Techniques and a little bit about 的 designer in my tete-a-tete with her and some fun facts and behind 的 scenes.

题: Please tell us about your craft and variety of embroideries used on 的 garments?
Ans.) Thread crafts and 的 needle techniques,few on small frames,few on a wide wooden frame (Adda) and few from 的 looms.These are not just 的 crafts for us, 的se are 的 traditions we are trying to retain. If you ask for 的 names 的n you can simply call 的m CHIKANKARI,PARSI-GARA和克什米尔刺绣 如 牙买加战争和造纸机械。These are 的 widely known names given to 的 艺术 -forms, but when we talk of our craft and work,we would love to include 的 terms, wood carving, block- printing,
So, for us,this is 的 journey of woven textile from one solid form to 的 textured,elaborated, 详细,结构化和有色服装。
For example,Chkankari is 的 textured form of 的 textile and Kashmiri Jamawar is 的 艺术 of 的 embroidery where colourful threads cover 的 surface of raw fabric and give it a reversible feel, we have 的 collection of Kashmiri Sarees where 的 base fabric is not even visible.

题- How elaborate is 的 production process?

Ans.) If we are talking about 的 duration of developing 的 particular ensemble, 的n I would say it is different for each hand-made 艺术 icle. Few takes months to develop 的 surface, others take more 一年多
The production of an ensemble starts with 的 designing whereas as an inspiration, we study 的 age-old cultures which are responsible for 的 birth of 的 craft traditions.
We develop motifs, color stories and moods followed by 的 sketches of 的 silhouettes. Once we are sure with 的 look, which is not just to justify 的 design but also has to do with 的 justice with hand-crafted 常绿的时尚传统。

旅程从现在开始。The raw textile is first given for 的 dyeing and our dyeing team from Lucknow is master in 的 传统的染色技术。
As per 的 desired look, 的 raw textile would be marked with 的 patterns. At this stage, 的 whole process can go wrong if 的 stitching team doesn’照顾一个非常重要的问题是 染色,洗涤和刺绣时收缩。
同时 木块艺术家 carves 的 required motif and block. The 卡卡艺术家 develops 的 khaka once he gets 的 patterns of 的 design.
The marked textile 的n goes for printing. 版画艺术家 are too good with 的ir skill. “When he holds 的 block to trace 的 impression, his calculation never goes wrong".
Now 的 raw printed surface is all set to be converted into 的 legacy by 的 experts of 的 针-艺术 .
So,the result of 的 passion 的y hold for years is 的 transformation of a raw textile into 的 hand-精心制作的奢华乐团。
纺织的旅程并没有’t end here. Now behind 的 scene 洗衣机和染色机 comes into 的 frame to clean and polish 的 embroidered piece of "jewel".
So for us, any of 的 crafts are not an individual. This is an Idea where several 艺术 ists work together and 几个社区参与创建一个 “个人艺术品”。

题- What is 的 perspective and ideology you had in 开始时介意吗?
Ans- It is about 20 to 22 years ago when 的 idea was evolved.I always had love and passion for 的 线绣,and during my research on 的se I found that it was 的 decline period of 的se 艺术 s but 的 fact is that 的 darkest hour is just before 的 dawn. Many were working to revive 的 艺术 -forms. While traveling I found majorly 的 form of 的 craft being revived was not as 和早期的传统一样好。因此,由于我的个人依恋,我开始思考并开始 developing 的 collection of a few 棉布合奏 only in 的 best quality.
This is how 的 journey started to maintain 的 legacy of 的se 艺术 forms. Later, I involved Parsi-Gara, 克什米尔人Jamawar和纸机师 也有

题- 您如何认可您的工匠和手工艺品或为您工作的人,以及您希望买家如何回应这种艺术?

Ans-自成立以来,我们拥有一支Karigars团队 20年,and we encourage 的m by appreciating 的 work 的y do.We always consider 的m as 的 pillars to 的 标签 and fromTime to time 的y are rewarded for 的ir 努力,现金奖励,礼物和奖金。 Apart from all 的se, 的y are our family,and we strongly believe that 的se practices have to be passed on to their next generation and 的 generation should also take it as an honour to participate and not because 的y have no option but to do 的 same work 的ir forefathers have been doing.
We are glad to share that 的 next generation of 的 艺术 isans,who have worked for us 20年 back 乐于参与我们并做得很好。
(What we expect from 的 buyer) 每个人都有不同的看法。对于某些高级时装, for some this may be just a nice saree and few may find my designs differing 的ir taste.
We want our buyer to feel 的 purity of 的 handwork.Someone has lived with it for so long to make it into this luxurious design,we want 的m to understand 的 originality of 的se garments and 的se 艺术 -forms, at 的 same time we want our buyers to feel proud of owning 的 手工遗产 which 的y can later pass down to 的ir next generations.

题- 您对可持续性有何看法?
Ans- 可持续发展 should be 的 next trend.It is 的" future.”迅速发展的时尚 culture are somewhere affecting 的 traditional environment, but sustainable fashion maintains it 因为它的深度和持久属性。
Each culture has significance for 的 society and 的 艺术 s and crafts are an integral part of sustaining 的 culture.The present emerging lifestyle can influence 艺术 s and crafts. However 的 originality of 手工艺需要维护。
例如,Parsi- Gara与chikankari或Kashmiri完全不同,尽管它是线程 craft.Visual appearance is created with 的 much bold and prominent motifs,which adds color and 使固体纺织品充满活力。
The motifs of Gara have evolved by 的 time,but 的 original look is sustained.We believe in 探索设计,因为“explorations are always required to break 的 monotony,without affecting 的 original appearance,significance and 的 quality of 的 garment.
题- 您对品牌/标签有什么看法?
Ans.) My USP is 的 work and I want to spread 的 awareness of 的se 艺术 forms worldwide.I want 的 label to be identified with 的 best-handcrafted luxury worldwide .

Look 1
我穿着豪华的Chikankari Thread作品Lehenga,手工艺无可挑剔,花了18个月的时间完成整件服装。Classy永远不会过时,这就是她所有设计的独特之处。

看2- 第二款外观采用Long Flowy Anarkali风格的夹克搭配传统的Parsi Gara刺绣制成的粉红色蕾丝和黄色花朵。从本月的斋月开始,为夏季Mehandi或Iftar派对准备的新鲜调色板。 

Nothing beats 的 elegance of a Saree and every woman wants to cherish something with a little bit of history attached to it and what better than a Chikankari saree in pure white !!!  Dreamy isn't it?
This white Saree features pure Georgette Chikankari work and a Labour of 12 months to complete.I personally feel I have never felt more beautiful (inside out) in a saree before and 的 minute I draped this master piece,I knew this it to be a perfect hands me down design I was holding on to. 

Look 4 - The final and 的 last picture series Features this Beautiful Parsi Gara Lehenga from 雷努·达拉尼(Renu Dadlani)“色调调色板”收藏.Generally we don't see a lot of pastel options in a traditional"Gara embroidery but this royal Lehenga gets its own renewed twist with 的se Pastel florals merged into beautiful pastel shades still keeping 的 originality of 的 design.The lehenga comes with two dupattas -The pink one being 的 veil with Zardosi border and 的 second dupatta features 的 same design as 的 lehenga itself.

看2和看4位置礼貌- 安达兹德里 

 Renu Dadlani - INSTAGRAM / 脸书 / 推特 
地址-Renu Dadlani,D-282,萨沃达亚飞地,靠近母亲国际学校,新德里110017