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2014年12月31日,星期三/ , ,

妙特拉 is having a biggest 销售 of 的season from 1月3日至1月4日 这次是 "End of Reason" 我们需要专心!这个假期唐't turn out to be a mad cow in store, fighting, biting,being contend with hoards waiting in line in 的retail ! 妙特拉 brings to you 的ease of 购物 , with 的best bargains on your favorite brands, when everything will be on 销售 from 15% to 80%. 所以 if there is any best time to shop, then its in 2 days.
From party looks to, your winter woolies to 的street chic styles,I have sorted it out helping ya'将获得一些外观,不仅是一流的转头样式,而且价格也不会'还没想过 ! Really it would be 的best of both world !
这里's what my 妙特拉情绪板 好像 :)


2014年12月28日,星期日/ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

我对所有牛仔布都有弱点。 Yup that 懒散的 穿着完美的男友牛仔裤的感觉,我们都熟悉!快来2014,输入男友 牛仔夹克。这个 超大 轻薄的一层,可以是您的,而无需追捕它们。 Perhaps I would say that its 的most easily integrated piece for androgynous fashion. Pieces like these can work with leggings, a bubble skirt, skinny jeans and even 短裤. With an endless array of colors and patterns to choose from, finding 的right layer for you shouldn't be too difficult.
Boyfriend Layers是我冬季的完美果酱。如果有的话,那些街头艺人的最新形象表明,如果可以的话'结合纹理,然后更好地叠加! 
I love to flaunt sports meet preppy styles, read harsh Balmain styles(swooning already on 的latest teaser with them)  While winters give me a perfect hot-spot to bring on 的m您自己在构成现代雌雄同体妇女的事物上的面貌,在我的脚下,脚跟赋予了女人般的优势,因此我可以使它吸引那些不那么喜欢的人!即使迈出了第一步,也要尝试一下,并探索时尚的新面貌:)


2014年12月19日,星期五/ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I was longing to share my look after 的recent hair coloring session, while my hair was still at 的blow dried best !! You can read about it 这里. It has given me a new boost of confidence, (always do btw) And when a super job is handled by 的best in 的industry, there is no room for dissatisfaction.
Today I just re-created an outfit, I wore recently to an event. Its pretty cold outside, and its just fair to re-invent no-brainer outfits, or 的ones you had 尝试过. Right now, its a perfect 沟 weather, I love mine for its endearing style and raising 的bar of femininity with my dresses. Black , blue n grey may be your winter staples, but I always find adding  a 一拳的颜色 for a more impactful statement, or mixing color in wild ways, coz that way I find out what works 的best for me. Too overpowering ?? Nahhh... Well, after all ,the only thing I might have to lose is my ennui.
连衣裙: 阿索斯
靴子:破旧 这里
逊尼派: 阿索斯


2014年12月18日,星期四/ , , , , , , ,

Hair coloring is 的new -"Makeup for Hair " and it cannot be overlooked coz self confidence is factoring into self-image lately. Need a boost of confidence ? Or wanna change 的way people perceive about you ? Then better be 的color chameleon !!
我到现在已经两个月了"High- Art "Red highlights from Geetanjali沙龙. I loved 的whole experience and my priceless look post that, which fetches me lot of compliments(till date ). Not to forget, it was first time I experimented with 不同 colors. And with 的tiny maintenance , I was able to retain 的color for this long too.
Geetanjali的人's knows my love for being wacky, hence called me over last week for a session with 的industry'最受咨询的色彩专家- 苏米特·伊斯拉尼(Sumit Israni),用于评估头发的颜色,并为我的头发和角色添加更多颜色。


2014年12月17日,星期三/ , , , , ,

吉安人 our very own brick-n -mortar boutique stocking 的trendiest Ethnic finery, is now online !! I still remember this quaint li'l设计师工作室总是为我着迷,因为他们选择了漂亮的衣服和配饰。回退更多,并且 吉安人, is a name synonym to my hay day 购物 destination. Heck I still posses a pencil skirt, from them bought twelve years back, only in 的hope of slipping into it once again. But that's a dream !!



所以 滴露 拿出了抗菌,多用途的湿巾,并成为了我的消毒狂,像这样的东西总是比任何棉塞或口红更能放在我的包里。 为什么呢作为一个喜欢肮脏的怪异孩子的妈妈,我知道我的湿巾。我让他们在我的房子上四处乱逛,最近这已成瘾,加上我可以'想不到没有它们的东西。所以是的,这是一个敏感的话题,但是如果您是妈妈,您必须同意我的观点-因为Coz孩子将是孩子,而我不会'我不认识你,但我总是把一包湿巾交给女儿带去学校,并打扫她的书桌。看到那个'是我在说的痴迷。对于我来说,在这里讨论非常重要的话题。


2014年12月9日,星期二/ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

今天的品牌聚焦 铁蛋白. They organized a bloggers preview of their A/W collection last month(delhi/ncr) and we had 的privilege to check into 的new stuff and feel what they had in store for us these winters. Capes have taken over 的trend game,and we love showing them off don't we ? 所以 的minute I spotted this 郁金香 岬 on their website, I was thinking these 粗糙的眼镜,90年代的样子 梳理头发和缎带头带。尽管这里缺少的是发辫,如果我告诉你我想着乔治·迈克尔的话,我也不会撒谎,但是让它留给下次使用。
铁蛋白有一系列时尚服装,而且价格无与伦比。其 抓绒集合 is weather appropriate and 的minute I ran my hands through 的cloth, I felt that it was pretty apt for 的winter chills we face in Delhi. The collection is not only updated, of course in vibrant flashes of earthy silhouettes, seen both in fleece and mesh fabrics in red, blue, and black palettes, but each item brings out a cool n dynamic athletic vibe at prices that won't put a hole in ur Purse.
Besides this look, I call this outerwear 的Show piece of all 的outfits coz(yeah not only it swings me back to 90s) but  there are an innumerable ways that this could be styled, plus with a new twist in 的cut, and Hi-Lo detailing  我等不及要炫耀我可以用他们的收藏做些什么。
Among other exotic elements, I love 的effect these 丝绒 leggings are lending it out to make 的outfit more tangy and saucy.So let me just warm up to more ideas of wearing this 岬 in many other ways, and bring these styles for you to embrace, till then, give 铁蛋白 a peek an tell me what you think ?
The First Preview of 的Latest A/W Collection at The Leela-Gurgaon
费米拉的Blogger Gang

关于Femella- Highlighting 的collection Ketki Arora (COO 费米拉) 说过,“费米拉 has always stuck to 的high quality of 的products. Our recent Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection is made from fine quality stretchable fleece that has gone through many processes to ensure optimum quality to 的consumer. These processes include treatment of anti pilling, shrink resistant and bio wash. 除了我们的纯色外,我们还添加了一个zany‘into 的wild’动物图案运动衫的集合,特别是为 .myntra.com。 狮子,大象,猫头鹰,狼和企鹅绣花,贴布绣和点缀的服装具有很高的视觉和图形吸引力。”
在附近找到Femella 脸书/ 推特/ Instagram的

开普外套-Femella / 购买
离合器:曼谷/见过 这里
泵: 曼谷
项链/手链- 新加坡乌节路


2014年12月1日,星期一/ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Though right now, its a struggle to show off these bare legs in Delhi, thinking of 的chilly season hovering ahead, its simply not possible. But you would laugh if I tell you that I was freezing my ass off last month exactly for this outfit shoot. These pics are from Pench National Park,(in case u are on insta u would know I was there ) 
It was raining when we landed, and 的weather took a steep turn into being very very cold. I was only thinking of all those 短裤 which I had packed, coz that part of India is never that cold. To add to my woes, hubs disclosed that our safaris were booked for  5 A.M for 3 consecutive days, and suddenly 购物 became 的most prime agenda.
我们喜欢我们的酒店- 玛卡安乡村度假村, which apparently had 的best rooms (all glass) and a private Machaan(vantage Point/ Watch tower ) - offering a great view.
The roads leading to 的jungle are actually not that great, and can give you a really spooky experience, but 的safaris were well worth 的risks. We spotted 的tiger on our very first safari , and 的other two days we almost 跟着 the  leopard  paws, but missed 的beast. The drivers and 的guides inside 的park are very well trained , and they make sure that we all have a great experience. The last day , I finally had a chance to take these 短裤 out and pose in from my room (if u can see in  在模糊和部分之间)。这也发生了 the only day I smothered on some lipstick like a jerk, coz my lips were too busy either complaining of 的cold or involved in  滴定 every second. 
Except 的bag, shoes and shirt, I have shopped everything from 的men section 这里. Its not unusual that you see me mixing prints these  天-到那里去做,但这是某种 不同 thrill to 混合n个匹配项 stuff from 的HE- Man ? Like it ??



IndiaMart.Com, 新兴的电子商务巨头 最近启动了其巨型品牌运动  和Irrfan Khan在一起,我相信你不会'还没有错过这个 'Kaam Yahin Banta hai' tag line in 的commercials for anything in this world. I find him quite hilarious , and I am sure you would have too. 
这一切都始于 脸书/twitter campaign, where 的only thing revealed was that  a Bollywood actor is going to be 的next face for India Mart, and 的guessing up began from there.
There was a contest, which was a great initiative by 的brand to involve people, on social media platforms and ask them to think of any "AARAM KI TUNE" 他们想到了这一点,同时提供每小时的价格来奖励每个人。